M.A.D Investment Solutions represents Mongolia in the sector’s first global groups on ethics and property measurement standards

Joins International Ethics Standard Coalition, International Property Measurement Standards Coalition and secures Expert Witness Accreditation

Ulaanbaatar: M.A.D. Investment Solutions continues in its endeavour to bring best international practices in the real estate sector to the market in Mongolia. As part of its initiatives it has recently become a member of two, leading global groups, founded by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), that are working towards bringing transparency and consistency to real estate markets worldwide.

The International Ethics Standard Coalition brings together more than 60 professional bodies and standard setting organisations worldwide. Initiated at a meeting hosted by the United Nations in 2014, it sets the stage for a global consultation on ethics principles for those working in land, property, construction and infrastructure. Ethics guides the behaviour of property professionals and builds trust in the profession. Producing one set of International Ethics Standards for real estate and related professions will help to bring greater transparency and consistency to global property markets.

The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition is a global group of 70 professional and not-for-profit organisations from around the world, working together to develop and implement consistent international standards for measuring property. This will ensure that property assets are measured in a consistent way, creating a more transparent marketplace, greater public trust, stronger investor confidence, and increased market stability.

Speaking on the developments, Christopher de Gruben, Managing Partner, M.A.D Investments said: “The real estate market in Mongolia has expanded tremendously over the past decade and has still immense potential to grow. As a nascent market it has the opportunity to set the tone for further developments and lead the way in ensuring that it adopts the best practices in real estate management and ethics from across the world. At MAD, we are contributing in every small way and apply international standards to all our projects.It is an nor to be members of the IES and IPMS coalitions.”

Further expanding the scope of the firm, Christopher de Gruben has become the first in Mongolia to receive an Expert Witness Accreditation from RICS, after completing an intensive course conducted in Australia. He is now able to defend his valuations os tribunals and courts globally.


About Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) 

RICS is the worlds largest and most trusted property organisation. It is an international professional body with over 100,000 members. It represent everything professional and ethical in land, property and construction.  RICS regulates and promotes the profession; maintain the highest educational and professional standards; protect clients and consumers via a strict code of ethics; and provides impartial advice, analysis and guidance. RICS members are known as chartered surveyors and are recognised by the designation after their name: MRICS (Member).

About M.A.D Investment Solutions

M.A.D. was established in 2009 as a full service real estate research and investment firm to cater to institutional investors investing in a range of real estate assets throughout Mongolia. Today M.A.D. has 42 employees divided into 4 teams (Research, Real Estate, Interior Design, Renovation) and is the only firm accredited by RICS in Mongolia. M.A.D. is employed as expert consultants on donor funded projects such as the ADB, World Bank or The Asia Foundation. M.A.D. furthermore maintains its own portfolio of properties in the heart of Ulaanbaatar used as serviced apartments.