M.A.D. launches its new corporate website completing its first phase of its corporate redesign

A new website for a new page in the growth of M.A.D. in Mongolia. With new corporate services competing within an increasingly complex marketplace, this new central website is the keystone of our new online presence and completes our first phase of our website redevelopment.

M.A.D. is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate website, nearly a year after the start of the redevelopment of its marketing strategy.

In 2014, after a drastic slow-down in the Mongolian economy and a refocus of the firm towards research and consulting services as well as towards a larger fund management role, it became essential to amend our online presence. Our previous corporate website was heavy, cluttered and not very user friendly with too many services, documents and unnecessary pages creating a confused experience for our clients. With the growth of the firm and a better organisation of the services, we decided to create dedicated websites for each core activity so that the service could be better presented, that it was uncluttered and clearer for clients.

Over the past year we have launched 5 new websites, one for each core activity or product and today it is time to launch our keystone website, the main corporate website that unifies all our work. This corporate website is aimed towards shareholders and institutional investors looking towards M.A.D. to meet their real estate needs in Mongolia.

This website is also home to our fund management activities and our direct investment opportunities. Both of which are relatively new products on the market but which are in high demand.

Our second phase will be focused on developing the brochures and documentation dedicated to each side as well as developing a distinct social media outreach for each element of our corporate strategy.

We very much hope that our clients will enjoy using the new website and obtain a better understanding of what M.A.D. does and what our core values are. We very much look forward to continue developing our online presence over the coming years.